Newest Steam beta client leaks a UI concept that may be coming to Steam

Valve’s giant PC gaming platform – Steam – haven’t really had a major redesign for its client in quite a while. That may be changing, however, with the discovery of some files inside Steam’s Beta client alluding to an upcoming overhaul.

SteamDB, a community website that routinely reports changes to the Steam client were the first to find the new leak. After it’s discovery, Valve quickly pushed out a new build to their beta client, removing the material. Making it clear that, concept or not, the files were not for the public to see.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, however, we may still analyze the images and see what’s new.

The leak

What’s clear even with a quick glance is the much sleeker design of the game library screen. With what looks like a combination of Steam’s Grid and List views into a single mode.

In the top navigation bar, other than the familiar store and community options, we see some new categories; namely, separate sections for Apps, Comics, TV, Movies, and Music.

Although Valve has steadily added Softwares, Movies, and other products to the Steam store in recent years, they have always taken a back seat to the primary focus of the platform – selling PC games. If, however, we take the new leak at face value; Valve may be looking to expand its horizons to cover the entire entertainment spectrum.

Also, there are some new filter and sort options in the games list section of the image. While the current Steam client has some basic sorting systems, it could really use some improvements.

Indeed, what may interest many gamers is the inclusion of some Xbox One exclusive games in the image’s games list. Specifically the games, Halo 5 Guardians (2015) and Forza Motorsport 5 (2013). But, although it sounds promising, this further confirms that the image is just a mock-up by a UI artist. Being that the chance of these games coming to PC, let alone coming to Steam is quite unlikely; considering if they do come to PC, the release will happen through Microsoft’s own Windows Store instead of Valve’s platform.

Ultimately, this leak proves that Valve is at least looking into a rework of their aging client. On the other hand, as with most Valve related things, there is no way to tell when it will arrive or if it will look anything like the beta client’s concept until there is an official announcement.

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