A new UWP File Explorer for Windows 10 makes an appearance

Microsoft’s passion for their new UWP framework is known – they have been bugging 3rd party developers to switch to it since months. Microsoft also has been working on adding features to the new Settings app that is meant to replace the good ole Control Panel.

Windows 10 kept the Windows 7 File Explorer mostly untouched; the Windows 10 File Explorer still has the Office Ribbon UI and doesn’t quite fit with the new “Modern UI” design that Microsoft has been using in their newer products.

The New App

The UWP Explorer

The File Explorer on Windows is massive – there’s a whole lot of things it does with a billion features. The new UWP app is attempting to replicate all of the features while re-writing it from the scratch

Understandably, even for Microsoft; this can be quite challenging. The new App is present in the latest Fast Ring Insider build, which was noticed by a few clever Insiders. Tom Hounsell figured out a way to launch the new File Explorer – which is called, “Explorer.”

As you can see, it is quite a lot of nothing. There is not much to see at the moment – the fact that it doesn’t launch easily, and it’s barebones state points us to believe that the project has only just begun.

When will we see this?

The Explorer app is likely to follow the same path as the Settings app – it will compliment the Win32 app for a few years, and once it hits feature parity, it will replace it.

Microsoft has been adding features and options to the new UWP Settings app ever since Windows 10 launched. It has been 18 months – and it’s still not done with it.

Clearly, we won’t see the new Explorer app in use for a long while – and not for an enterprise environment for even longer.

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