New Speedtest app from Ookla released for Windows 10 is probably the most popular 3rd-party service that lets you measure your internet speed. The website, however, doesn’t work for everyone – but an app might do.

Speedtest by Ookla for Windows 10

Ookla – the guys who run – have already made apps for the three big mobile operating systems. iOS, Android, and Windows Phone have a Speedtest app; even though the website does feature an HTML5 beta, the main site still uses flash – which can be problematic on phones.

Ookla is now bringing the app experience to PC for Windows 10. The app launched as version, asks users to ‘stay tuned,’ for more updates are coming soon.

It also features an elegant iconography, a clear font, and smooth animations – it is a well made app. The app also notifies you after a speed test is complete; you don’t have to sit and stare at it as it goes through the test.

The app stores a history of your tests as well and lets you share your results via the Windows share feature. One thing the app does require is ‘Location’ permission in Windows – so it can automatically detect your location.

You still have the option to select which Internet Service Provider’s server you want to test against – however, instead of a fancy interactive world map where you can easily browse through locations; you are forced to go through a massively long list of servers sorted by distance. It is tedious, and we hope Ookla improves upon it.

Oddly enough, the app isn’t available yet on Windows Mobile itself – Ookla’s app built for Windows Phone 8.1 is still available separately and works as intended. The new app is exclusively for Window 10, for now.

There are obviously more users to cater on Windows 10 for PC, but it shouldn’t be too hard to make a universal app that also works on Windows Mobile – considering Ookla could have used UWP.

The new app is available right at the Windows Store for free.



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