Netflix now supports 4K UHD streaming on Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has been promoting its latest and greatest Edge browser in every way possible – what’s a better way to make people use the browser than adding exclusive features?

Starting today, Netflix users will be able to stream content in 4K UHD – but only if they are using Microsoft Edge. Note that not all content is available either – not every show or movie is available in 4K UHD.


This is an odd announcement, to say the least; Netflix has an app of its own in the Windows Store, which – surprisingly – does not support 4K playback. It’s strange to see Microsoft promoting 4K playback with Edge, rather than nudging Netflix into updating their dated app for Windows.

The app features a UI that was built per the Windows 8 design guidelines, and hasn’t been updated in years – it works, but the UI is dated and fails to be as intuitive as the website.

There’s a catch as well: the 4K playback will only work if you have a 7th generation Intel Core processor, anything before that is not supported. You will also, of course, need a 4K UHD-compatible display, to be able to watch the content as intended.

You will also require the highest-tier Netflix plan to be able to stream the 4K content – the standard plan does not support 4K UHD streaming.

Netflix also supports streaming 4K UHD content for the Xbox One S, and several other devices like the dozens of streaming sticks and smart TVs – here’s the full list on Netflix’s website.

You can check out the Microsoft blogpost for more information – but note that the announcement is quite confusing, and is rather a promotion for the upcoming Netflix Original show ‘Gilmore Girls’.

We must add, though: exclusivity is a dangerous trend – it only benefits the company, not the consumers.

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