Mojang releases Minecraft “Exploration Update” for PC and Mac

Mojang announced “The Exploration Update” back at MINECON in September this year, and players have been able to see the progress up to this point with the Minecraft snapshot updates. Today, every vanilla Minecraft player will be able to experience the new update – Minecraft version 1.11 is now rolling out for PC and Mac.

Just to clear the confusion, if any: this update is for the original Java version of Minecraft – not the Windows 10 Edition.

The llamas

The update brings a lot of new things – most importantly, llamas. Yes, llamas are important. You can put a saddle on one, and ride it. They will also follow you and form a “train,” lead by you on a journey of unexpected adventures. They can also carry items, so you will never run out of inventory space! Just get more llamas.

But wait! There’s more! The update also adds Ocean Monuments – introduced in the Boss Update for the Windows 10 Edition – Elder Guardians protect these underwater monuments, for the treasures hidden beneath, are most valuable.

Along with Ocean Monuments, players are also getting Woodland Mansions – a horrible place inhabited by the evil cousins of Villagers: the Illagers. The Illagers have been blessed by the divine knowledge of magic; they protect their Woodland Mansions with magical spells – they have the power to summon Vexes, who would rather watch you die than harm their masters. Oh, and do not fall prey to the traps on the floor, they are nasty.

But how shall you found the Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions? The Villagers of course! The update adds Cartographers to every village, where players can exchange their spare emeralds for a map of the hidden treasures their world inhibits.


The update is available right now, but it seems to be rolling out in phases – some players report that their launcher does not inform them of an update.

Overall, it’s a great update for those who love the exploration aspects of Minecraft – certainly, the addition of llamas is going to be a great thing, considering how small the player inventory feels like when you go exploring in Minecraft.

You can read more about the update on Mojang’s blog.

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