Mojang announces The Ender Update for Minecraft Windows 10 and Pocket Edition

The lines of code a programmer writes are nothing more than logic – sometimes algorithms, sometimes a gate – but these logics build something beautiful and alive. It is hard to describe what it feels like to watch a project start with a single line of code and end up becoming something great.

The people who work at Mojang will be going through exactly that when they finish work with the upcoming Ender Update – it’s the version 1 of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition.

It might not seem like a big deal – it’s just a version bump, after all; it is, however, a signifier – the team has made enough progress to be confident in its product. Version 1 is a badge, not just a number.

Minecraft Ender Update

The End

The End is not the end, but the highlight of this update – The Ender Dragon.

This update will add The End realm, and along with it the Ender Dragon to fight off. The End wasn’t exactly a planned feature for Minecraft – Notch added it because players demanded an end-game; The End acts as a goal – though, you can continue playing after finishing The End, so it’s not really an “end” at all.

The update will also increase the world height limit to 256 blocks, and since that’s dangerously high; the update also adds the Elytra item – giving you wings so that you can glide off your sky castle from the 256th block.

What else is in the update? Mojang won’t say – it’s leaving that to the players to find out. Clever.

The Apple

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently announced that Minecraft was coming to the Apple TV by the end of this year; Mojang today announced that the Apple TV version would begin with The End – so we can assume, that the Ender Update will be releasing before the end of this year.

Thanks, Tim!

The Android

The Pocket Edition is getting the update as well – as mentioned – but the users on Android will be able to test the update before anyone else, just sign up to become a tester over here. If you do this, do know that your feedback would be of great value to the Mojang team – you can submit that here; pretend the Android beta is like a Minecraft Insider Program.

The Education

Mojang put the Minecraft: Education Edition out of beta last week – in the announcement, they also mentioned that the Education Edition would maintain feature parity with the Windows 10 Edition.

Today’s announcement does not mention the Education Edition explicitly – however, considering the previous announcements, it should be safe to assume that the Education Edition will also get The End at the same time.

The bit after End

It is hard not to make ‘The End‘ puns and have a laugh about how Minecraft’s version 1 brings The End; the team at Mojang, however, says they will continue to work on the Pocket and Windows 10 Editions.

The work isn’t done yet – version 1 brings The End, but it is only the beginning.


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