Minecraft’s October Boss Update has been delayed because of creepers

Minecraft has hit a road bump – the October Boss update was announced three weeks back at MINECON, with a release date of October 18th. October 18th is here, and the update isn’t. Blame the creepers.

Minecraft’s PR lead Aubrey Norris broke the bad news to players on Twitter and clarified further in her replies. The issue causing this delay is a simple bug: Creeper explosions are being triggered through walls.

If you don’t know what a creeper is (why are you reading this?), these little green creeps walk without making a sound and try to sneak up on you – when successful, they blow themselves up, killing you in the process. It’s not very nice, but it does add some nice gameplay. They certainly deserve that name.

As for when we might get the update, Norris isn’t sure – the Mojang team will take as long as it takes to ‘squash’ the bug. You could say the update is delayed indefinitely if you wanted to. It would be technically correct.

The delay is for both the Windows 10 Edition, and the Pocket Edition – both of these already share much of the code, so it makes sense that both would be hit by the delay.

Minecraft Boss Update

We covered the Boss Update in more detail when it was announced, you can check that out here; in short, it adds basic support for modding, boss battles, Xbox One support for Gear VR, and a bunch of other tweaks.

Mojang is also trying to unify these different versions so players could play together in a single server instance – or “realm” as Mojang likes to call it.

There’s much work to be done for that to happen; though, with a delay such as this, it’s only going to take longer for that to happen anytime soon.

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