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Minecraft Pocket Edition is now available on Windows 10 Mobile

We covered Microsoft’s decision to suspend development of Minecraft on the dying Windows mobile platforms last month.

Today, however, Microsoft has launched Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows 10 Mobile containing all the features available for other platforms. That’s a surprise.

Microsoft’s decision to end further support for the Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile versions of Minecraft was reportedly due to the very low amount of users playing the game on these mobile platforms.

In all fairness, according to reports, these platforms only have about 0.3% of the global mobile market share, which is also steadily dropping.

Interestingly, Microsoft continued to support and launch Minecraft on other platforms that possibly have even fewer users playing Minecraft. Some recent notable releases being Minecraft for Amazon’s Fire TV and the Apple TV, that launched in December last year.


While the Windows Phone 8.1 version of Minecraft remains desolated, as it was abandoned¬†in beta without the Ender update; Minecraft’s new Pocket Edition is releasing solely for Windows 10 Mobile. Furthermore, it contains all the missing updates and features that are already available on other platforms.

In fact, this means that Minecraft 1.0 – The Ender Update – is now available on Windows 10 Mobile. Windows 10 Mobile players can finally beat the Ender Dragon and reach the end of Minecraft.

Other features include access to Minecraft Realms, Xbox Live achievements, Xbox controller support, add-ons and much more.


All the Windows 10 Mobile players who owned the previous version are getting a free upgrade to the new version. Additionally, any Windows Phone 8.1 users who could – against all the odds – update their device to Windows 10 Mobile will also receive the new version.

The new Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows 10 Mobile is available for $7 through the Microsoft Store.

The previous version will remain purchasable for Windows Phone 8 device owners who can not upgrade, but as we’ve mentioned before, that version of Minecraft will no longer get any updates.

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