Minecraft is now available for Apple TV

A couple of months ago, Tim Cook of Apple made a few announcements at an event – the same event where he killed the function keys; Cook announced that Minecraft would be coming to Apple TV before the end of this year – 11 days left for The End, and it’s here.

Mojang made the announcement on their official blog, along with the announcement of Ender Update being available to all.

The Apple TV Edition

When Mojang revealed the Ender update a couple of months ago, we predicted that the Apple TV Edition and Ender Update would come at the same time – we were right.

As far as features are concerned; Minecraft on Apple TV is identical to the Windows 10 and Pocket Editions – it includes the Ender Update as well.

At the moment, however, the Apple TV edition doesn’t support Minecraft: Realms – Mojang’s multiplayer dedicated servers – or Xbox Live. Mojang says that both of these will come to Minecraft: Apple TV Edition at some point in the future.

Xbox Live on an Apple TV sure would be a sight.

Free stuff

Mojang is bundling some DLCs for free with the Apple TV Edition launch – this offer is for a limited time, though, so you might want to buy the game right now.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Skin Packs:
    • Holiday 2015
    • Town Folk
    • City Folk
  • Mashup Packs:
    • Plastic
    • Natural
    • Cartoon
    • Festive 2016

You can read more about the Festive 2016 mashup pack in the Ender Update coverage – the pack was released today for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition and Pocket Edition as well.


Minecraft: Apple TV Edition costs $19.99 on the Apple AppStore and is available in all regions.

To install it, all you have to do is browse through the store on your Apple TV and search for Minecraft – if you don’t see it, it’s probably still rolling out for your region.

To know more about what the Ender Update has brought to Minecraft – besides the badge of version 1 – you can read more about the update.

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