Minecraft goes nuclear with Fallout add-on pack for consoles

Fallout, Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG series may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Minecraft; it soon might be with the announcement of an official add-on pack, however.

The announcement comes with a trailer that has recreated Fallout 4’s own announcement trailer in Minecraft; albeit with less shooting and explosions but plenty more blocks.

What’s in the pack

Contrary to the trailer, the add-on pack is not centered around just Fallout 4, however; featuring multiple iconic areas from the Fallout franchise’s irradiated wastes. Popular buildings such as Fallout 3’s Tenpenny Tower and the Capitol building being included are sure to please fans of the series.

Minecraft’s own nasty and friendly mobs will be getting a makeover to match Fallout’s mutated monsters. Ghouls, mutants, and madmen to name a few. Also with true Fallout fashion, some two-headed cows are added in for good measure.

The UI has been updated with a greener digital theme matching Fallout’s classic Pip-Boy interface and the soothing soundtrack of Minecraft is now replaced with music from Fallout games.

Atomic bombs apparently void the world of any color; gone are the green fields and colorful trees of Minecraft, replaced with authentic washed out shades. As per the Fallout games at least.

No add-on pack is complete without plenty of player skins to customize your character with. Mojang is providing 44 Fallout themed skins with choices ranging from Fawx the supermutant, synth Nick Valentine,  Tinker Tom, Paladin Cross and a skin of series’ mascot Vault Boy himself.


It seems the PC and Pocket Edition of Minecraft are the only versions which will be missing out on the Mash-Up pack; as these versions have much more customization options than their console counterparts already built in.

The Fallout Mash-Up add-on pack will be available for purchase on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita platforms with the price set at $5.99.

The release date of the pack is listed as coming soon; it seems fans of Fallout will be waiting just a bit longer to get their hands on it.


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