Minecraft: Education Edition comes out on November 1 for Xbox One and Windows 10

Mojang and Microsoft introduced the Minecraft: Education Edition as an early access trial back in June this year. The goal was to build something that is like Minecraft – except with features and tools on top of it that are built specifically to help students and educators.

Minecraft: Education Edition

The Education Edition is intended to help students and teachers with lessons based around STEM, art, language and more. Since the introduction of the Early Access trial; Mojang claims that over 35,000 students and educators have used the Education Edition and provided them with feedback.

What’s in it

Some of the features that the Education Edition comes with are unique to it – one of them being the companion app designed for the classrooms.

The app allows educators to manage the world settings, communicate with students, provide them with items and teleport them across the world. It is basically like a real-time admin panel, designed for the educators.

The Education Edition will also continuously get the same updates as the normal Minecraft – so students will be able to enjoy the same features in the Education Edition that they have in the game they play at home.

Availability & Pricing

The free Early Access trial is still available to students and educators until the release date – November 1. After November 1, the Education Edition will cost 5$ per user per year.

Anyone will be able to buy it as well – on their own, or via Microsoft’s Enrollment for Education Solutions program.

The Windows Store page for the early access is over here – though you can’t purchase it just yet. It will be available for Xbox One, PC, HoloLens and Windows 10 Mobile.


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