Middle Earth Shadow of War gets its first gameplay trailer

Monolith Productions is taking us back to Mordor to massacre some more orcs, now in even more outlandish ways. The new gameplay trailer shows off Shadow of War’s new and improved nemesis system and plenty of high-octane action.

Following the announcement of the game from last week with a cinematic trailer, we now get to see some gameplay; although we can always appreciate a hype inducing CGI trailer, getting to see our character hijack a dragon is awesome.

The trailer did not show much of its regular sword combat as it looks like developers gave the player an unending supply of arrows and executions just for the demo. If our memory serves us right, that was not the case in the original Shadow of Mordor, where the game required long hit streaks or stunned enemies to perform the highly enjoyable slow motion executions; though, this could be from new skills available in Shadow of War, considering the demo player’s high level.

The gameplay trailer takes place on a fortress which our character – the bright lord – and his forces are attacking. There are a number of these fortresses around Mordor, which players can attack after gathering their own orc armies.

This is where the new Nemesis System comes in, which affects even the enemies and layout of these imposing fortresses. Former allies that fall in battle can return as traitorous enemies to challenge the player, withstanding the new ring’s effects.

And yes, as the original reveal trailer revealed, Talion and Celebrimbor will wield their own brand new ring of power. We assume the new ring plays a big role in amassing these armies to fight the dark powers of Mordor.


Middle Earth: Shadow of War is releasing on the 25th of August 2017 worldwide for $60. Namely for the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 platforms, in addition to Microsoft’s upcoming console – Project Scorpio – later on.

Also, Middle Earth: Shadow of War is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, a great bonus for players on Microsoft platforms. Essentially giving access to both Xbox One and Windows 10 versions when purchasing the game for just one platform.

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