Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 might show up in Q1 of 2017, per rumors

Microsoft brought along minor refresh for the Surface Book, the Surface Studio, and the Surface Dial at its Surface event back in October; ignored was the product that started it all: Surface Pro.

Now, a new report from the Chinese daily Economic Daily News suggests that Microsoft might be planning to launch the Surface Pro 5 at some point in the first quarter of 2017.

Of course, it’s only a report – and thus a rumor; the report also suggests that the device will be manufactured by Pegatron – the same folks who are, once again reportedly, manufacturing the Surface Phone.

Pegatron also helped Microsoft build the Surface Studio and has manufactured the previous Surface Pro devices; it’s clearly a good partnership.

There is, however, more about that: Quanta Computers might join in with Pegatron in the manufacturing effort. If true, Pegatron perhaps can’t supply enough volume for the device; it wouldn’t be the first time a device would be manufactured by two separate Original Design Manufacturers – or ODMs, for short.

The Specs

There are very few details about the device; the report suggests that the device will have a UHD display – that’s 4K – and a “magnetic charging stylus.”

A magnetic charging stylus sounds like an odd development, but Microsoft has been quite unpredictable in recent times.

The Surface Dial, for example, wasn’t something anybody could have thought of – it’s an entirely new way to interact with a computer. A stylus that can charge while magnetically stuck on the tablet’s side? Why didn’t anybody think of that before?

Of course, that’s only what it sounds like – we don’t know if it’s anything like that.

The Creators Update

The Insider Program comes back in January; while the leaked Build 14977 showed us a bit more than Microsoft had given to the Insiders – it certainly needs a lot of work.

Microsoft gave the Creators Update an “early 2017” release window during the announcement; if the rumors are right and Surface Pro 5 is meant to show up sometime during Q1 2017, then it could align with the Creators Update.

So, perhaps, it might even include those fancy cameras that can convert real-life objects into virtual ones. Microsoft showed that at the Surface event in October, using a prototype device.

Speculation is fun, but only time will tell what Microsoft has planned for the Surface Pro lineup.

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