Microsoft’s Project Osaka brings back CollabDB, a collaborative data tool

In 2015 a strange collaborative tool appeared; CollabDB was meant to be a collaborative tool for teams that needed some help managing lists and other database related things.

Today, the folks at Petri have uncovered Project Osaka, which seems to be CollabDB reborn.

Project Osaka

The collaborative tool “allows anyone to organize information in a smart way,” as it claims in its description; it also lets you “collaborate in real time on sets of data with co-workers using interactive tools.”

The idea sounds an awful lot like Microsoft’s Office Access – except, it’s collaborative.

Project Osaka appears to be in a limited trial for select Office 365 users at the moment; on its page, it describes itself as a tool that lets you “create and share tables with your team,” leaving things quite vague.

If you would like to check it out; Project Osaka is available at or You will need to sign in, at which point you will either get an internal server error or not be allowed to log in.

If you do want to log in, you would be required to request a sign up by sending an email over to

Office 365

Clearly, not much is known about Project Osaka; its purpose is vague, and its capabilities are unclear. Nonetheless, it should be safe to assume that if this tool does – at some point – reach general availability, it would be part of Office 365.

The Office 365 suite has been slowly adding quite a few new tools for the enterprise. It’s not just about the big Office apps anymore – it’s an entire ecosystem.

Services like StaffHub and Teams put Office 365 in a position where the entire workforce at an enterprise would depend on it; ensuring Microsoft’s dominance.

Office 365’s strategy is clear: be the one-stop shop for every IT need of the enterprise.

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