Microsoft’s Project Cheshire might have a webapp alongside the apps

Microsoft has been working on a brand new to-do app; Project Cheshire. It puts us in a very conflicting place – does Wunderlist not serve all of the same purposes that Cheshire aims to? It’s an odd project, from an otherwise sane company.

Google is the one who makes three different services that all do the same thing but somehow are not interlinked – at one point, Google ran three different messaging services all separate from each other.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is quite sane with its products; everything has a purpose, and if it doesn’t serve one – well it’s out.

Project Cheshire – so far – seems to be an exception; we talked about this when Cheshire was released in a private beta. It appears, however, that Microsoft is going ahead with Project Cheshire anyway.

The WebApp

According to a report from MSPowerUser, Microsoft now has a functional webapp for Project Cheshire; those with access to the aforementioned private beta are able to use the webapp, alongside the Windows 10, iOS, and Android apps.

Whilst Project Cheshire still is quite barebones – especially compared to Wunderlist – it is on point with most of the basic features; the webapp in private beta has all the features that the Windows 10 app does, thus maintaining feature parity across devices.

Microsoft has also made a tool to import data from Wunderlist and Todoist – interestingly, a 3rd party application. The tool is accessible at, which – interestingly – is also accessible by those who do not have access to Project Cheshire. Of course, it asks for a login.

Cheshire makes no sense

Microsoft is the only one with the complete picture – maybe there are some things in motion that we simply do not know or understand; Project Cheshire, however, as it currently stands, make no sense.

Cortana recently gained the ability to create and manage lists – something Cheshire appears to be solely designed for. Wunderlist, on the other hand, is an incredibly feature-rich tool specifically built to manage tasks and lists as well.

In fact, Cortana can synchronize its lists with Wunderlist, where the user has many more options and much more control over it.

In the grand scheme of things, Project Cheshire perhaps play a bigger role; since we can’t see the grand scheme – all we see is an attempt to reinvent the wheel when Microsoft already owns the fancy one from Formula 1.

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