Microsoft’s Personal Shopping Assistant is coming to Edge as an extension

For companies as massive as Microsoft, it can get quite difficult to build a completely new product – that is why such projects are encouraged internally and if success, end up being backed by the full might of the company. This is how Google created Gmail, and how many of the new products start as, in large companies.

From the Microsoft Garage – Microsoft’s outlet for experimental projects – Microsoft published the Personal Shopping Assistant, an extension for Google Chrome and Opera that lets users keep track of all of the products they browse online, and compare them later.

Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant

Extensions support for the Microsoft Edge browser was added quite recently with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – so it is apt that a Microsoft project such as this ends up on the Edge browser. And that’s what is going to happen soon enough.

How it works

Most of what it does happens behind the scenes; after installing the extension, the user has to simply browse products online as they normally do. Clicking on the extension’s icon brings up a window with all of the products that you browsed – allowing you to compare them, or save them to favorites.

The extension also works as a price notifier – if the price drops below a certain threshold, it will notify you of it.

The developers are also working on some new features such as the ability to chat with the assistant from your favorite messaging apps – probably by building a bot for them and suggesting products from other websites with a better price.

These types of products are what keeps a large tech company relevant, and help it build upon new ideas. While the work on the extension is still not finished, it does have a page on Windows Store. It is, however, not available for download just yet.

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