Microsoft launches new Nokia 216 Dual SIM phone in India at $37

Nokia might not be the giant it once was – it still exists as a brand within Microsoft. While Microsoft is planning on selling the Nokia feature phone assets – it hasn’t done that yet, so this might actually be the last feature phone coming out of Nokia under Microsoft.

The Nokia 216 Dual SIM comes running the Nokia Series 30+ platform as its operating system. That is pretty irrelevant since it is a feature phone – so let’s get to what the phone offers.

The Specs

The phone comes with a front and a back camera – pretty standard configuration these days – however, they both come with a LED flash. Yep, there’s a LED flash for the front camera! That can get quite useful at times. The camera quality though is VGA, but that is a compromise to make at this price.

The display is your standard feature phone display – a 2.4″ QVGA display with 240×320 resolution.

The phone also comes with Bluetooth 3.0, a MicroSD card slot that supports up to 32 GB of storage, a 3.5mm jack (which is becoming a feature, thanks to Apple), and a MicroUSB port for charging and other things.

The 1020 mAh battery can give you 18 hours of talk time and 19 days of standby time with both of your SIMs – smartphone users must miss this battery life.

The Features

There is a reason these phones are called feature phones – whether they sell or not depends on how many features they provide. The specifications – while useful – are mostly irrelevant.

So here’s what the Nokia 216 Dual SIM offers: the phone is internet-enabled – which means you can use it for light browsing and other online services.

It comes pre-installed with the Opera Mobile Store where you can download one Gameloft game for free every month – for a year. The phone also comes with in-built FM Radio, an MP3 and video player, Bluetooth audio support for headsets and the phone can store up to 2000 contacts.

The LED flash for the back camera can also be used as a flashlight,  but that is a pretty common feature these days.

Nokia 216 Dual SIM

The Price

The price is what matters the most for a feature phone. The Nokia 216 Dual SIM is available at the price of ₹2,495 ($37) and is available in three colours: black, blue and grey. The blue is more like cyan.

While Microsoft is selling off its Nokia feature phone assets, it is great to see it hasn’t abandoned working on products just yet. One can only hope to see more from Nokia in the future.

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