Microsoft’s mysterious Groove Music Maker makes an appearance

Microsoft is putting its focus on creators; from Windows to the Surface Studio announced at the Surface event – Microsoft wants to help creators be more creative. There’s one tiny problem – Microsoft pretty much ignored the musicians.

Groove Music Maker

Panos Panay did express his love for David William Hearn’s work during his fantastic presentation on stage – but there wasn’t much to show for creators like him at the event. There was, however, something after the event.

In a video showcasing the upcoming Windows 10 Curators update, Microsoft showed a brand-new Groove Music Maker app for – literally – two seconds. These two seconds are all we have right now, but they do show quite a range of features.

In the brief glimpse, we can see that the app has BPM controls, mic recording, a variety of instruments to play around with, along with features like audio sampling and track layering.

Microsoft has had a lack of good essential apps on Windows ever since the Windows Essentials suite was abandoned, but even the Windows Essentials suite did not come with a music making app.

Apple’s Garageband, for example, has managed to attract thousands of music professionals into its ecosystem – Microsoft has a long way to go before it can hit feature parity with a decade old offering from one of its primary competitors.

If we are ever going to see this app in practice remains a mystery; when we are going to see it also remains a mystery, but since it’s featured in a video about the Windows 10 Creators update – it’s easy to speculate that’s when we will see the app appear. Perhaps the Insider get to call the dibs on it.

The lack of an announcement – or even a mention of the app – does tell us that the app’s development started very recently. Hopefully, this latest endeavor won’t go the same way the Surface Remix Project did (hint: abandoned).

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