Microsoft’s latest update for Bing on Android adds 360 Search, Music, and more

Microsoft is rolling out a major update for the Bing app on Android – adding a whole bunch of new features and improving the ones already present; the app now can now recognize music playing around you, and help you find local businesses with 360 Search.

Microsoft built Bing in hopes to compete with Google – that dream is still not quite there yet, as Google owns most of the search market share; Microsoft continues to pump more resources into Bing because it is an important part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Bing for Android

The Update

The latest update adds – as mentioned – music search, 360 Search, but there’re a few other things as well.

Bing 360 Search: The Bing 360 Search is not unlike the City Lens feature present in HERE Maps on the Lumia devices; the feature uses the camera to help you gain perspective, and marks all the nearby businesses according to where they are in the real world.

It’s augmented reality – but limited to your phone’s screen. The feature is available from the Near Me page, and the Camera Search.

Music search: Figuring out what music is playing around the phone via just the phone’s microphones can turn into a massive challenge quite quickly. While there are apps such as Shazam – or even Cortana – that can do this, it is not easy, and it’s certainly not accurate every time.

The Bing music app will give you pretty much the same experience as Cortana, but the Music tab within Bing also shows you the most trending songs and artists on Bing.

Events: The update also adds an events page that lists all the upcoming events in your area – concerts, sporting events, all that jazz.

The update also includes a whole bunch of bug fixes and polish.


The update has started rolling out to Android devices – the rollout, of course, depends on Google.

If you do not have the app and want to try it out, the app is available to download via the Google Play Store.

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