Microsoft’s HoloJS lets developers create Windows Holographic apps using JavaScript

Microsoft might not be the perfect company – it’s products are far from perfect – but it is a corporation that spares no expenses in pleasing the developers.

Microsoft has opened up a new project on GitHub, called HoloJS. It appears to be a framework that will allow developers to create UWP applications with Windows Holographic support using JavaScript and WebGL.

The HoloJS library itself is written in C++ and is powered by Chakra – Microsoft’s open-source JavaScript engine used in its Edge browser. The library is also capable of translating WebGL calls to OpenGL ES using ANGLE.

HoloLens and more

While HoloJS – for the moment – will only help the developers who are building for Microsoft’s HoloLens; once Microsoft and its partners come closer to releasing their starting-at-$300 AR and VR headsets, this tool and many like it will help developers build more and better apps for the platform.

Microsoft recently talked about its VR and AR headsets in detail at the WinHEC event – going as far as official revealing the minimum specifications required to run these headsets.

If done right, Microsoft might just end up turning VR and AR into something mainstream – the industry is still in its infancy, but the support is quickly growing; even Samsung wants to jump into the business.

The competition will be fierce in a few years – Microsoft’s advantage is its developers, who would be willing to create some brilliant AR and VR apps with Microsoft’s tools.


The HoloJS library showed up on GitHub about three days; the library has not been announced by Microsoft officially. Hopefully, that will happen soon enough.

The GitHub repository contains the sample, and further documentation to get the library working – you require Visual Studio 2016 with Update 3 and the Microsoft HoloLens emulator to deploy the sample.

Of course, if you have the $3,000 HoloLens headset, you don’t require the headset – you can now buy that in Japan, most of Western Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. China too, soon enough.

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