Microsoft’s Forza series surpass US$1 billion worth of sales

As of December 2016, the popular racing game series of Microsoft has earned more than a billion dollars in sales. The newest addition to the franchise – Forza Horizon 3’s impressive sales managing to push the series above the mark.

2.5 Million copies, the amount that Forza Horizon 3 has sold since its release back in September last year. Interestingly, also the first game in the entire Forza series to release on Windows PC alongside a Microsoft console.

The Forza Series

Releasing for the Xbox in 2005, Turn 10 Studios’ Forza Motorsport became a turning point for all console racing games. Handily beating that year’s Gran Turismo title from Sony thanks to its innovative damage modeling and driving mechanics.

Since then, a Forza Motorsport title has released every two years, the latest one coming out in 2015. The series has remained an Xbox exclusive, releasing to the Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles over the years.

However, after multiple games of Forza Motorsport, the series gave way to the spin-off title – Forza Horizon – in 2012. Playground Games handling the development, Forza Horizon left the track racing aspect of Forza Motorsport to embrace open world racing.

Owing to the spin-off’s popularity, it managed to become a regular part of the main Forza franchise. That led the two studios to release their respective games in alternating years, guaranteeing a Forza title every year for players without impacting the quality of the titles thanks to the longer development time the schedule provides.

The series now boasts more than 14 million unique Forza players on the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms, effectively taking the crown of being the best-selling racing series of the current console generation. Quite an achievement considering its competition with highly popular rivaling franchises such as EA’s Need for Speed, Codemaster’s DiRT, and Sony’s Gran Turismo series.

All this assures a bright future for the popular racing series, with plenty more games and innovations to come.

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