Microsoft’s cancelled Band 3 makes an appearance

It is only until something is gone that you start missing it. Microsoft’s Band wasn’t a bad product – it could be thrown into the same bucket as Zune; a good product, that failed to gain momentum in the market.

But then again, what good is a product if nobody invests in it? It took several weeks of rumors and speculation for Microsoft to give up on Band and officially acknowledge its demise. However, Microsoft already had a team working on a Band 3 – it wouldn’t make sense not to.

Band 3 prototype

Pictures of a prototype for Band 3 were posted on the Windows Central forums by a user, with claims that the product was supposed to be waterproof, have RFID support and be able to measure & track your blood pressure with electrocardiogram – or EKG.

The last one does sound quite interesting, especially for a band you wear on your wrist; but this was a prototype – and now it represents the remains of a dead product.

The leaked Band 3 photos also show a new “swim” tile, which apparently would have helped users track their swimming sessions, much like how cycling and walking are tracked.

The design seems to resemble its predecessor Band 2, but with a different clasp design, probably where the engineers are hiding all the new sensors. It is interesting to note that Microsoft decided to add more features, rather than making the device thinner or lighter.

Band 3 prototype clasp design

While Band 3 looks like an interesting product – what it offered is irrelevant at this point; the development – and all of Band line-up – have been discontinued. However, it does show where Microsoft’s ambitions lied, had its health wearables been successful.

Microsoft is hosting an event on October 26th; perhaps we will see some health wearables from its OEM partners at the event – but that’s only speculation. Support for existing Band devices continues from Microsoft, which is good for the customers who decided to jump in with Microsoft in its ambitious wearable experiments.

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