Microsoft’s Beam rolls out its first major update globally, for all

Microsoft acquired Beam just last year in August; since then, the giant has been busy upgrading Beam’s infrastructure and assimilating it into the bigger Xbox brand under Microsoft’s umbrella.

Today marks an important day in that direction. Beam has started rolling out its big update – the one it announced last month – globally, and this time it’s for everyone.

The announcement was made without much commotion – on Twitter, by Beam’s founder, Matt Salsamendi.

The Update

Beam showed off this very update about four weeks ago; initially only available to the Beam Pro users as a beta, the update featured many improvements.

The few notable improvements being with speed – the update makes Beam a lot more snappy and responsive, with quicker load times and shorter animations. Speaking of animations – they are still here, and they are better than ever, as everything runs at a smooth 60 frames per second.

Also included are a few other (obvious) features like Xbox Live login and an HTML5-only player that – thanks to a few backend improvements – can now stream at a resolution of 1440p at 60 FPS. The two improvements directly tie into Microsoft’s strategy – especially since Edge is ditching Flash with Creators Update.

The Xbox Live login remains optional for now – as was discussed – but Microsoft plans to make it mandatory at some point in the future. The plan, eventually, is to have a single Microsoft Account for all Microsoft services.


As mentioned, the update is rolling out. There’s no software to download – it’s just a website. If you still see the old website, all you can do is be patient.

If you would like to read about this update in detail, you can check out our original coverage; we talk extensively about everything new it has to offer.

Beam is also getting some deep integration into Xbox One and Windows 10 with Creators Update. Gamers on both platforms will be able to stream to Beam with the press of a single button.

The folks at Twitch and YouTube Gaming are going to deal with some tough competition in the coming months.

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