Microsoft’s Azure cloud helps bring online 100,000 LED streets lights in Jaipur, India

Microsoft’s event in New Delhi today wasn’t very glamourous – the showcase highlighted some of the solutions developed by its partners to help various Indian businesses be more efficient and cause less harmful effects on the environment around them.

One of the solutions showcased by Microsoft utilizes the Azure cloud to control and monitor over one-hundred-thousand street lights in the city of Jaipur in India.

The IoT solution itself is developed by Precimetrix, for Samudra LED – a manufacturer of efficient and environment-friendly smart LED solutions; at the core of this solution, is Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

The street light monitoring system was developed for the Jaipur Municipal Corporation and helps the city manage over 100,000 smart LEDs via a dedicated web solution – every LED street light in the city can be controlled via the dedicated website.

It’s not just about the control – the automated system is also capable of passively monitoring the network of street lights in real-time and can track the power consumption and status of every individual street light within the network.

This real-time stream of data is pushed to Microsoft’s Azure cloud for analysis, and can help the city track its monetary savings; the system engineers can even get real-time notifications via Email or SMS if power consumption reaches a certain threshold.

The Results

According to Precimetrix, the system has helped the city significantly reduce the time it takes to respond when a streetlight burns out, helping the municipal corporation save on manpower costs.

The system is also able to improve the accuracy of energy consumption data significantly – as all the data is streamed into the Azure cloud, it can be analyzed for any discrepancies in real-time.

Solutions such as these are what help turn our cities into smart cities – the efficiency gained by just collecting and analyzing data has an enormous impact.

To not collect and use this data is, in fact, wasteful – the data is already being generated, all the city required was a solution to manage and monitor it; Microsoft, along with Precimetrix were able to develop it for Samudra LED and therefore help the city of Jaipur be more efficient with its resources.

So perhaps the Microsoft event in New Delhi today wasn’t very glamorous – it was, however, impactful.

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