Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher for Android is testing tablet support

Whilst Windows 10 2-in-1s are apparently gaining traction against the hordes of Android tablets that have come before them; Microsoft still wants to be everywhere and offer its services on every platform.

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher for Android started as a mere Garage project, but now it is one of the most popular Android launchers around with over a million installs.

Just a few days ago, the Arrow Launcher team pushed version 3.0 of Arrow Launcher with some significant feature updates along with much better performance and reduced battery consumption. There’s more coming.

Tablet support

Today, the Arrow Launcher team pushed version 3.1 to the beta testers.

The new version lets users pick and choose what they want to backup or restore. It also supports a few more messaging apps in the ‘Recents’ page. There’s a bunch of bugs fixed as well.

But, most importantly, version 3.1 adds support for tablets as well as landscape mode on tablets.

Arrow Launcher have never been available for tablets, so this is quite a big deal. At the moment, the support is quite basic. The tablet mode suffers from the same old Android issue: it doesn’t properly utilize the extra screen real estate.

It’s simply the Arrow Launcher layout present on phones, blown out. It’s designed for phones, not tablets, so it doesn’t quite feel right on the larger screen.

Still, it’s a beta, and the Arrow Launcher team is asking for feedback to improve the tablet experience.


Unfortunately, Arrow Launcher’s 3.1 update is only available to those who belong in the beta program. Fortunately, the beta program is available to anyone who wants to join it – much like the Windows Insider program.

If you wish to try out Arrow Launcher’s tablet support and intend to provide some feedback to the development team, click here to join the beta.

The app, of course, is available via the Google Play Store.

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