Microsoft’s ad-free Outlook Premium service now out of preview

Microsoft announced – and launched as a preview – the Outlook Premium service in October last year. Today, the service has shed its tag of preview and is now generally available to all who are willing to pay for it.

The news comes via; Microsoft has not made an official announcement just yet but has updated the website to reflect its new status.


Advertisements are not liked by most and are considered a privacy nightmare by many. But, the money to run an email service must come from somewhere. Hence, they become necessary in most cases.

Outlook Premium is an alternative. It’s a paid service, and therefore can ditch the advertisement business for something a bit less privacy-intrusive.

In addition to that, Outlook Premium also supports custom domains for the email. You can use an existing domain name you own or buy one via Microsoft; if you choose the latter, it will cost $10 annually, but Microsoft will technically own the domain, which means you can’t use the domain to host a website, for example.

Finally, the service also lets you create up to five personalized emails on the custom domain name, each with its own calendar, contacts, and OneDrive storage. Microsoft will automatically set up a sharing relationship between these accounts, making this an ideal solution for a family or group of close friends.

Pricing & Regions

Currently, Outlook Premium is available for $20 per year. If you subscribe now, you will renew annually at this price. However, this is a discounted price.

After the 31st of March, Outlook Premium will cost $50 per year.

There is, however, one tiny problem: the service is only available in the United States. Microsoft sticks to its homeland once again.

It would be nice to have it available worldwide, but alas, that seems to be a long wait.

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