Microsoft working on a modernized Paint app for Windows 10

Windows 10 brought about a lot of changes – one of them is the UWP framework; Microsoft built UWP from the ground up to be efficient, and cross platform.

Windows 10 Paint Preview

The new Paint app is made in UWP, supports 3D modelling, has an inbuilt community workshop, and supports a stylus. The app modernizes the long-forgotten Paint.

Despite its limited features, Paint is used by millions of Windows users every day for various tasks – from slight touch ups to simple cropping, Paint can do a lot, but never enough.

The leaks come via WalkingCat on Twitter. The two videos that have been leaked are well-made and professional – clearly, Microsoft is preparing for an imminent launch.

The last time it received some love was with Windows 7; a redesign featuring the Ribbon design from Office gave Paint a lot more features.

The new UWP app looks nothing like the old one – and that makes sense; the new app is built from ground-up in the brand new UWP framework.

Why 3D?

The app seems to come with all of the features that the current Paint app have, but Microsoft has decided to add 3D support on top of it. “Why 3D?” you might ask. It is quite obvious, isn’t it? – HoloLens, and VR.

Microsoft has been pushing in the AR space with HoloLens, and partnering with Oculus for VR. Overhauling the Paint app – probably the most mainstream creative tool on any operating system – to support 3D, could contribute massively to the adoption of AR and VR tech in the coming years.

The tool still doesn’t seem to have the widely-demanded Layers functionality – but the 3D Z-Axis positioning does share a resemblance to it. While that solution is not ideal, it might work for those in desperation.

Future Past

This isn’t the first time we are seeing this new Paint Preview app – we saw a leak similar to this one back in May, but the Microsoft team has clearly worked hard since then and have added a ton of features to it.

As for when it comes out? We don’t know at the moment, but perhaps this could go well with the upcoming (rumoured) Surface All-in-One.

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