Microsoft Word to get a new Editor pane, will help with grammar and more

Microsoft Word is quite possibly the best document creation tool around. The amount of features Microsoft has managed to cram into it is quite insane, and yet, the experience of using it remains sane. That’s the work of some good UX designers.

Starting from today for the Office Insiders, the Editor pane will help users with their grammar, writing style, punctuation, and spellings.

The Pane

The new Editor pane replaces the old ‘Spellings & Grammar’ pane present in Word today.

The ‘Spellings & Grammar’ pane only helps with, well, spellings and grammar. The Editor pane, on the other hand, can understand the context and make suggestions for sentence structure, writing style, as well as grammar and punctuation.

These features resemble the features of a 3rd party tool – Grammarly – but Grammarly is a paid product. The Editor pane will be part of Word at no extra cost.

Microsoft first introduced the Editor pane last year, and the Office team plans to add it to Outlook at some point as well.


Microsoft is rolling out the new Editor pane for Word to Officer Insiders on the Fast Ring for now. There is no word about the Editor pane for Outlook just yet.

After a few weeks of testing with the Office Insiders on Fast Ring, Microsoft will probably feel confident enough to release the new feature to all Office 365 subscribers.

That’s another thing to note: the Editor pane will only be available to Office 365 subscribers, not to those who purchased a regular Office license.

Exclusive features for Office 365 subscribers aren’t a new idea, but they surely hurt those who decided to make a one-time purchase of the entire Office suite.

Hopefully, the Editor pane will give some decent competition to paid 3rd-party tools like Grammarly. Competition is good for everyone, especially when it makes everyone’s writing better.

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