Microsoft will ship Surface Studio pre-orders starting this week

For the lucky few people who managed to pre-order the Surface Studio before it sold out – since it was built in limited quantities for the first batch – Microsoft has started informing the buyers that their $3000 All-in-One will be shipped to them starting from Monday, the 21st.

Surface Studio in a box

The news comes from, who was tipped by one of their readers about the email being sent to the early buyers; Microsoft also did mention that the pre-orders would start shipping around the holiday season when the device was revealed.

The folks who managed to pre-order Surface Studio will also be getting a Surface Dial bundled with it – the Surface Dial went on sale separately for $99 ten days ago and also managed to run out of stock.

We covered the Surface Studio in detail when it was revealed back in October, but here’s a summary: The Surface Studio is Microsoft’s most ambitious hardware product – at least in the Surface line-up – and is essentially the hardware companion for the Windows 10 Creators Update.

The emphasis for Surface Studio is to give users a more natural way of interacting with the computer – this focus has dictated every element of the design for this All-in-One, from the display size and aspect ratio to the display hinge that can lay flat.

The Surface Dial also helps in bringing a more natural form of interaction with the display – though you don’t need to buy a Surface Studio for that, as the Dial is compatible with all existing Surface devices.

The 2017 availability

Surface Studio will be available for purchase once again, sometime early 2017 – but it’s not clear if the Surface Dial will be bundled with those orders.

The price, of course, remains the same – starting from $2,999, with variations going up to $4,199.

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