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Microsoft updates Windows 10 to fix the login freeze and PowerShell issues

Microsoft has finally started fixing some of the major issues that were introduced with the recently released Anniversary Update for Windows 10. The August 31st Cumulative Update fixes two of the most critical issues – the so-called login freeze glitch and the missing PowerShell DSC file issue.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The login freeze glitch

With the Anniversary Update Microsoft introduced many improvements to the operating system – they also however introduced new problems. One of such problems was the ‘login freeze glitch’ – an issue that would cause Windows to freeze and refuse to login.

While the latest Cumulative Update for Windows 10 fixes this issue, updating your Windows 10 machine to this update is a whole another problem. Because you cannot login to the machine, you are unable to apply the Cumulative Update.

To get around this, Microsoft recommends logging in with a secondary administrator account – or worse, boot into the Recovery Console and revert your Windows 10 installation to the original build, then upgrade to the Anniversary Update once again.

The PowerShell DSC issue

The missing ‘Desired State Configuration’ file ended up breaking PowerShell for many users and IT administrators after Microsoft pushed an update without this file on August 23rd. In all its absurdity – Microsoft knew of this issue, but decided to push the August 23rd update regardless of it – all they offered was an apology to go along with it.

The 31st August Cumulative Update rebuilds this file and brings normal functionality back to PowerShell.

A lot of issues have been popping up with the recent updates for Windows 10 – in an attempt to hasten the update process, Microsoft reshuffled all of its QA pipeline. This resulted in less oversight and a smaller window to ensure that updates pushed to Windows are stable – but this also offers more flexibility and faster updates. It is a trade off Microsoft is willing to make.

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