Microsoft updates the Outlook for Windows 10 app with interactive notifications and more

The Office team at Microsoft has been doing things quite differently lately – various apps from the Office suite are now available for free on various mobile platforms and as UWP apps on Windows 10; while they do not share feature parity with their full-blown Office counterparts, they do come close.

@mentions in Outlook Mail for Windows 10 with

For those who are on the Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring, the Outlook Mail For Windows 10 app should receive an update, adding a couple of new features bumping its version to 17.7466.40627.0.


The first of the significant features – Interactive Notifications. These notifications let you act upon the thing they are notifying you about, from within the notification; gone are the days when you had to click a notification, wait for the full app to open, and then probably mark the email spam.

The way it works is through Quick Actions; there’s limited space on a notification, so the notification gives you two ‘Quick Actions’ buttons – both of which you can set within the Outlook app.

Pop out

Pop outs are making a comeback – but for the right reasons; this feature was available in a previous build of Outlook, but was removed due to unforeseen issues and complications. It appears that Microsoft has resolved these mysterious issues, and has now added the feature back.

It is still in Insider Fast Ring – things could still go wrong, leading Microsoft into removing the feature once more; hopefully, that won’t happen.

Thanks @Twitter

The Outlook Mail app now supports @mentions. Yeah, the same ones you are used to using on social networks such as Twitter.

Essentially, you can now mention other people from your contacts within your email with a @mention, and Outlook will handle everything else. This feature is most useful for people using an Office 365 work or school account since it would allow them to mention anyone across the organization.

Insiders Update

The app is available from the Windows Store – as usual – but this particular update is only rolling out for those on the Windows Insider Fast Ring. If you happen to be on the Fast Ring and use the Outlook app, here’s a friendly reminder to submit all of the Feedback you like so the app can be improved before it hits the masses.

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