Microsoft updates Outlook for iOS and Android with new features

Microsoft seems to be on a roll with these updates for their Office apps on Android and iOS. Just two days ago Microsoft rolled out a significant update for their three main Office apps – Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Today, Microsoft has rolled out an update for Outlook; that adds a few new features.

Outlook for Mobile

Interesting Calendars

Interesting Calendars is a new feature for Outlook – it lets you subscribe to your favorite sport’s teams calendar and see relevant events pop up in your calendar automatically. Of course, that is only the beginning of it – calendars for TV Shows are to be followed soon enough. This feature can be used for a whole bunch of things, like following festivals or holidays.

Event Icons, Maps and Pickers

There are a few more refinements and additions in this update as well. Event Icons help you keep track of your events easily – Outlook will simply add relevant icons depending on the title of an event. For example, if you are going to have a coffee with somebody – Outlook will read this title, and add a coffee icon to the event, so you can see what the event is about at a glance.

Speaking of coffee, Outlook will now also include a handy map for your events – as long as you input an address while creating the event. This will help you not only remember that you have to go out with someone – but also get directions to them in a tap.

The date and time pickers have also been refined, so picking the right date and time on a small mobile screen is much easier now.

And more

Outlook now also lets you edit recurring events on your mobile devices – this seems like an obvious feature, but it wasn’t there.

There’s a lot more to come as well, as the Outlook team is busy integrating a lot of the features from the recent Sunrise acquisition. The office is only getting better on the mobile devices.


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