Microsoft updates its Next Lock Screen with improved performance and fewer bugs

Just last week, Microsoft updated its Arrow launcher for Android with improved memory efficiency and a few new features, along with a bunch of bug fixes; the Next Lock Screen has been updated today, with a similar theme – better performance, fewer bugs.

Next Lock Screen by Microsoft

The Next Lock Screen is quite a bit similar to the Arrow Launcher in terms of what it’s aiming for – a Microsoft-centric experience, on Android. The freedom Android allows for, helps Microsoft bring users into its ecosystem without all the fuss of buying a Windows-powered phone.

Next Lock Screen started – and still is – as a Microsoft Garage project, and have had a rocky journey; it has been criticized for offering nothing new to Android, while at the same time being too much of a resource-hog. That’s all in the past, though – this is about the update.

The Update

This latest update to the Next Lock Screen bumps the version to 3.10.4; the changelog isn’t very long – but here it is:

  • A persistent notification by the Next Lock Screen app was showing up on the lock screen, an obvious bug that has been sorted.
  • A few improvements and adjustments to the layout of the compact status bar.
  • Wallpapers will now use less memory – this is especially useful for low-end devices, where RAM is in short supply.
  • The update also fixes some password inconsistency issues.


If you have already installed Next Lock Screen, the update is rolling out at its pace – just have some patience, while it does.

If you haven’t done that – the lock screen is available via the Google Play Store, and requires Android 4.4 or up.

The launcher has over a million installs – there must be something that people like about it, which is also what makes Microsoft continue the project. Give it a try and see if you prefer it over what you already have.

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