Microsoft updates Camera app with UI improvements and more in the latest Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring

The latest Insider Fast Ring Build 14951 has improvements for Windows Ink, and it even brings Ink to the Photos app on PC – but there’s some love for mobile too.

This week’s Insider Fast Ring build also adds a whole lot of refinements to the Camera app on both the PC and Mobile. Obviously, these changes matter more on Mobile – but there’s plenty of features for the PC too, especially if you own a Surface device.

The Movers

The camera app has been redesigned with the help of all the feedback that Insiders have provided so far. The new interface is designed for “ease of use and accessibility” – frankly, when is it not?

Windows 10 Mobile Camera App

A lot of UI elements have been moved around, so things are more – in-reach than before. Here’s what’s new:

The Cameras

The camera roll has been moved to the bottom left – if you are holding the camera in portrait – why are you doing that!? If you are merciful and holding the camera in landscape, it’s on the bottom right, where you can tap it with one hand.

The camera swap button has been moved as well, once again so you can easily press it with just one hand.


The settings button has been moved right into the camera UI rather than hiding in menus, so you can quickly go and check that a few annoying settings on-the-fly.

The Little Things
  • The capture buttons feature a high-contrast theme now for all of the modes – photos, videos, and panoramas.
  • There’s a new capture animation that will help you “nail the shot” according to Microsoft.
  • If you are on the PC, you can hit the Spacebar to take a photo. Nifty.
  • There is a new zoom slider!

The Moving Pictures

On a film, a video isn’t a video – it’s a series of pictures moving in a particular order at high speed to create a moving picture – or motion picture. It is quite a beautiful thing to watch these pictures come to life.

Windows 10 Build 14951 Camera App on PC

Of course, you can drop the nostalgia and just shoot a video on your phone at 60 frames a second in 4K – cameras have turned out amazing little monsters these days, but there’s still something magical about photos.

You already have used ‘Living Pictures’ most probably – depending on what Windows 10 Mobile device you own. If you own an iPhone, you know this feature as ‘Live Photos,’ and even Google has added this feature in their latest Pixel phone.

With this update, Living Pictures is coming to your Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3, and Surface 3. These will be created automatically every time you take a photo – you do have to enable this feature, though, just open Settings and turn on ‘Capture living images.’

The Performance

This release also features a number of performance improvements, including better shot-to-shot speed and improved feedback while saving large video files to the SD Card.

The camera startup time has also been significantly shortened – which is a vast improvement in itself.


As said earlier, this update comes with the latest Windows 10 Fast Ring Build 14951. For those on the production build – that’s the regular Windows 10 release – you will probably see these improvements come along in a few months.

The people on Insider Slow Ring and Release Preview ring should also get these updates in a few weeks if all goes well.

You can read more about Build 14951 over here, and check out what else it has to offer.

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