Microsoft Unveils New Microsoft Band 2, priced at $249

Microsoft is one of the biggest tech giants in the world but, most of the time it remains out of the limelight. The company recently launched a series of gadgets including the all new and better Surface Pro4 and Lumia smartphones with liquid cooling. No doubt, the company has managed to grab some eyeballs but, it is the new and improved Microsoft Band that is making a lot of buzz.

The competition in the wearable field is increasing day by day with the launch of new fitness bands and smart watches taking place almost every week. Brands like Fitbit, Pebble and Apple have already established themselves and now it’s Microsoft turn to play the cards.

With the launch of New Band, Microsoft has made it clear that the company is still in the race of top wearables. The new Microsoft Band hand is much more slimmer as compared to the previous year’s band.

The new Microsoft Band features a curved OLED 1.4“display which is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The best part about this band is that it will now have Cortana integration which means it will remind you for the activities being missed by you. There is an inbuilt barometer in the band to measure elevation while hiking or climbing stairs.

Key Specs of Microsoft Band 2:

  • Display Type: Curved AMOLED
  • Display Size: 32 x 12.8 mm
  • Display Resolution: 320 x 128 pixels
  • Band Material: Thermal plastic elastomer silicone Vulcanate (TPSiV)
  • Battery: Li-Polymer
  • Sensors: Optical Heart Rate Sensor, 3-axis Accelerometer, Gyrometer, GPS, Ambient light sensor, Skin temperature sensor, UV sensor, Capactive sensor, Galvanic skin response, Microphone, Barometer
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Water Resistance

Features like GPS, calorie meter, sleep tracker, heart rate tracker and smart notifications are still there in the device. Microsoft claims that the new band is a perfect device for both professional athletes and for normal people who are just trying to be fit. It is capable of automatic shot detection for golf and can even records metrics, a feature found in watches specially designed for athletes.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is kind of a hybrid device, a blend of smartwatch and fitness band. The reason behind this is that it offers voice integration for apps like Starbucks, Twitter, Uber and Subway.

It also features a decent battery which can deliver a battery life of up to 48 hours. Microsoft Band is compatible with all major OS like iOS and android. It works perfectly fine with Microsoft Phones i.e Lumia series. The device is priced at $249 and is available for pre-order.

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