Microsoft to allow custom gamerpics on Xbox after Creators Update

In the cold winters of December last year, Mike Ybarra of Xbox mentioned in a tweet that the Xbox team was actively looking into the possibility of allowing custom gamerpics on the Xbox platform.

Today, the Xbox team has managed to fulfill one of the most demanded features by the Xbox community; custom gamerpics are coming sometime after the Creators Update but before E3.

The Podcast

Skip to the 20:20 mark for the juicy bits.

In the latest episode of Major Nelson Radio – that’s the official Xbox podcast – Major Nelson, also known as Larry Hyrb (sometimes) and Mike Ybarra revealed that custom gamerpics were indeed coming to the Xbox on the console and Windows 10.

That’s important; we have discussed how the Xbox brand needs to be lax about the restrictions it puts on its users. The PC platform doesn’t play well with restrictions; in some ways, that’s thanks to Microsoft’s decisions made in the 90s.

The PC platform is flexible and free; PC gamers modify games all the time – that’s what mods are, after all. A restriction on changing the profile picture is just unreasonable for a PC gamer.

The Creators Update

The upcoming Creators Update is bringing a lot of new features for Windows 10 on PC, and the Xbox One console.

Today the Xbox Insider program opened its doors for all; Microsoft also released the first ever Insider preview showcasing the biggest features coming for the Xbox One with the Creators Update.

Although Microsoft hasn’t announced an official release date for the Creators Update – except that it’s coming sometime this Spring; unofficially, the release date remains to be sometime in April.

E3, of course, is in June; this feature, therefore, should arrive for Xbox in May. If Microsoft can hasten the work, then it might even show up with the Creators Update itself.

These are some exciting times, and Microsoft is completely open to feedbacks and suggestions from the community that uses its products.

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