Microsoft testing new features for Cortana

There have been some big announcements at the Microsoft Ignite 2016 event and we have seen many things being unveiled by Microsoft. Outlook got updated for other platforms, and now it can take advantage of Microsoft Cloud and with this new update, Outlook has become much more secure than it even was.

Microsoft announced some big things related to Office 365 as well as Cortana in the same events. Some stats about Cortana will blow you away. You will be surprised to know that Cortana has answered about 133 million users that are active and more than 12 billion questions up until now.

It is clear that Cortana has become an integral part of Microsoft’s services. Cortana on Windows 10 is very useful, and it is a highlight feature on the Windows Phone smartphones as well.

Microsoft is only aiming to make it better with the new features that they are testing. Some very useful features are coming to Cortana in the coming updates, and some of these features are related to health and more.

When I talk about health-related features, Cortana will be able to pull data and insights from third-party devices like Microsoft Health or a fitness tracker and show you the data in a detailed manner. This will be helpful if you want the data displayed to you in a meaningful manner.

Cortana is already a very useful personal digital assistant for Windows users. I personally use it for quick research, to open apps, and it is just lovely to see how well it organizes the data using Microsoft services. The addition of new features to Cortana will only increase the usefulness of this personal assistant.

The Microsoft Ignite 2016 event will bring more announcements related to Microsoft products and services, and you should keep reading Windows Able in order to get the latest updates.

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