Microsoft teases its upcoming ‘Project NEON’ for the first time

At the Windows Developer Day event, Microsoft – for the first time in its official capacity – gave us a tease of its upcoming design language update: Project NEON.

Project NEON has been leaked before; this time it’s an official tease – but that distinction is important. It’s a tease, not a reveal. We don’t know the details or what Microsoft plans to do with Project NEON; we do know that it’s going to change quite a lot.

Project NEON

We have covered Project NEON in detail previously – check our previous coverage if you like – but here’s a summary: it’s an evolution of the current Windows 10 ‘Modern Design Language 2’ design language.

MDL2, in short, isn’t bad, but it lacks a certain flair that other design languages boast; macOS has fancy transparency and pretty animations, so does Android’s Material Design. Project NEON is meant to add some blur, some fluidity, some animations, and some style.

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The screenshot above is all the reveal is – a slide from one of the PowerPoint presentations at the event; the app, of course, is Groove, Microsoft’s music app, and service.

The design featured in the image looks similar to the leaks we have had previously, hence confirming the leaks weren’t just made-up.

It also confirms that Project NEON is a bit more than just a bunch of new elements; the idea is to make it easier for developers to make beautiful apps. It’s probably why this was teased at the Windows Developer Day.

However, it is still clearly a mockup – hint is at the taskbar; unless a white taskbar is also something planned for Project NEON.

Redstone 3

Project NEON is expected to arrive with the Redstone 3 update – that’s sometime in late 2017. There’s almost a year’s worth of work to be done, and a lot can change between now and then.

The goals, nonetheless, are set; Project NEON might not look exactly like this – or it might – but it will accomplish the targets set for it in either case.

Hopefully, the ambitious redesign won’t lead to a delay for Redstone 3.

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