Microsoft Teams iOS app makes an appearance ahead of Microsoft’s Office event

Microsoft’s planned Office event is merely hours away, but we are starting to see some leaks come out of it. Skype Teams first showed up two months ago, and since then have apparently gone through a marketing revamp.

Skype Teams seems to be now called Microsoft Teams – but it’s still the same product it was meant to be. Microsoft already offers a business communication product – Skype for Business, formerly known as Lync – but Microsoft Teams is supposed to compete with Slack.

Slack has been offering a more modern solution to the team communication problem for a while – quite successfully too – but Microsoft wants a piece of the pie.

Today’s Office event will “discuss the changing nature of collaboration and how we can empower every team to achieve more.” It seems very clear now where the focus is going to be – we are going to see Microsoft Teams.

So, it is apt then, to have a few leaks before the official reveal.

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The two screenshots from iOS app don’t show much – we do, however, get an idea of what the app is going to look like. The classic Skype status icons are visible, and the iOS app is following Apple’s design guidelines.

Hopefully, a Windows 10 Mobile app is also in the works, considering it is a Microsoft platform; it rarely gets much love.

If the speculation is right, today’s Microsoft event will reveal more about Microsoft Teams and all its apps – until then, these screenshots do us a glimpse at what Microsoft plans to do against the Slack menace.


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