Microsoft Teams for Android now offers single sign-in and OneNote integration

The Microsoft Teams team has released an update for their Android app, adding several new features.

Microsoft built Teams to compete against the growing prevalence of Slack in the office environment; Teams’ addition into the Office 365 suite and the integration with several other Microsoft services make it more compelling than Slack’s offerings for many.

Today’s update further builds upon these integrations. The version number is bumped to 1416/, and users shall now be able to enjoy these new features.

The Update

The latest update focuses on adding a couple of new features that would make everyone’s life easier. For firsts, Microsoft Teams now supports single sign-in.

Single sign-in, also known as SSO, will allow users to easily sign into Microsoft Teams with other Office 365 apps on the Android device; in other words, if the user is signed into an existing Office 365 app, they will automatically sign into Teams as well.

In addition to that, the update also adds deeper integration with OneNote; it’s now easier to access OneNote files and tabbed Office documents shared within team channels.

Finally, the update adds support for certificate-based authentication, and comes with a bunch of minor bug fixes and performance improvements as is the tradition.


The update is rolling out via the Google Play Store as we speak; if you haven’t received it yet, just be calm and perhaps try meditation.

If you want to try Microsoft Teams, ask your workplace or school to add it to their Office 365 suite; perhaps advertise the benefits of a messaging platform that focuses on communication among teams rather than individuals.

Slack recently introduced a new enterprise-level service for its customers, enabling corporations with thousands – or hundreds of thousands – of employees to use Slack as intended.

Microsoft Teams, is clearly making an effect; hopefully, that will continue to be the case – competition is good for everyone, except the one who stagnates.

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