Microsoft stops selling Lumia devices on its online US store

The end is here; Microsoft’s Lumia devices have started to run out of stock on the online Microsoft Store – and there’s no plan for a restock.

In September, Microsoft UK started to run out of replacement stocks for the Lumia 950XL; earlier this month, all other Lumia devices were sold out as well.

Now it’s the turn of the US; the Lumia devices are only available for sale where the stocks remain – physical Microsoft Store locations and a few retailers. Once that stock is sold, Lumia devices would no longer be available for purchase anywhere.


Microsoft still lists the Lumia devices on its online Microsoft Store, but for no good reason.

Generally, if a device is temporarily out of stock, the “add to cart” option is replaced with “email me when available.” This time, however, it simply states that the product is out of stock. As Neowin pointed out, this implies that Microsoft doesn’t plan to restock the device.

This development now leaves merely four Windows Phone devices available for purchase on the Microsoft Store: The Acer Liquid M330, Blu Win HD LTE, Blu Win JR LTE, and HP Elite X3.

None of these devices are by Microsoft; whilst the Acer and HP devices come running Windows 10 Mobile, the two Blu devices do not.

Furthermore, while Blue Win HD can be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile after purchase, the Blue Win JR is not eligible for an upgrade; this leaves customers with merely three Windows Phone devices to choose from.

The Future

The future of Windows on mobile looks bleak; with only three devices capable of running Windows 10 Mobile, there’s not much Microsoft can do at this point.

However, there’s the mystical Surface Phone that keeps popping up in rumors. Satya Nadella’s statements certainly do not help either.

Windows 10 Mobile – the OS itself – doesn’t seem to have a place any longer.

Microsoft is working on bringing x86 apps to ARM; once Windows 10 – the complete OS – is (once again) capable of running on an ARM device, Windows 10 Mobile will lose its purpose.

Unfortunately, most of these developments are not expected to show up until the end of 2017 – and that’s an optimistic estimate.

Until then, HP might be the only one keeping the flame alive.

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