Microsoft StaffHub is now available to all Office 365 for Work users

Microsoft has made a new addition to its Office 365 platform, making it even more appealing to businesses. The StaffHub app is now available to all Office 365 for Work subscribers, giving managers better control over their employees everywhere.

The App

The StaffHub app lets managers create and regulate shifts for the employees working under them via a convenient webapp.

The employees, in turn, can request shift swap and have a look at their schedule via a mobile app.

The app also includes a one-to-one or group chat option for employees, including a hub to store and share files with all employees.

It’s essentially a hub for the staff, thus the name ‘StaffHub’. Microsoft’s goal is to bring all employee-related information to deskless employees; the folks who are out on the field, specifically.

Additionally; this update also adds support for Danish on the mobile and web app.


Microsoft released StaffHub as a preview in September of 2016; today, the update brings it out of preview and available to all.

There’s an iOS app available via the Apple AppStore, and an Android app available via the Google Play Store. There is no UWP app for Windows 10, which just shows where Microsoft’s priorities lie.

The web app is available at

If you were part of the preview program and already have the app installed; the latest update should roll out to your device at its pace.

In the end, this is yet another product that makes Office 365 just a bit more valuable to its subscribers. Though, it would be nice if Microsoft could merge some of these products; Microsoft Teams, for example, is another program built specifically for communication among employees.

The StaffHub has its own chat function – merging it with Teams only makes the most sense.

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