Microsoft is shutting down the TechRewards program

Microsoft’s TechRewards program gamified the ins-and-outs of developing with Microsoft technologies. It helped bring new developers into Microsoft’s ecosystem by rewarding them for improving their skills and understanding of various Microsoft technologies.

The program rewarded developers by giving them badges, experience points, and redeemable points – the redeemable points could be used to purchase products and gift cards.

Microsoft TechRewards

Now, Microsoft has put up a notice on the TechRewards website, informing users of its imminent closure. Challenges have been removed from the site; badges, experience points, and redeemable points are no longer being awarded.

Microsoft is letting users export their existing badges to their social accounts, and redeem their redeemable points via the Rewards Catalogue – until January 6th, 2017.

After January 6th, all user data and profiles will be wiped from Microsoft servers following Microsoft’s privacy policy guidelines.

Nokia started the TechRewards program originally as DVLUP back in 2013. The intention was to bring developer attention to the Windows Phone platform, and while that clearly didn’t go as Nokia hoped – it was picked up by Microsoft to be turned into TechRewards only last year.

While the demise of TechRewards is sad, it does follow the same (and expected) trend under the Nadella leadership – TechRewards has no place in an enterprise-first Microsoft.

You can look at the instructions for exporting your badges and redeeming your redeemable points over at the TechRewards website. You can also check out the full FAQ for more details about the closure.

Lastly, the TechRewards team will still be working on resolving support tickets – if you have any issues, you can submit a ticket via this form.

Microsoft is also recommending a bunch of other MSDN developer programs for those who want to continue using something like TechRewards. While these programs share the same intention as TechRewards, you might not get to enjoy the luxury of redeemable Amazon gift cards.

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