Microsoft shows us what goes on under the hood with Surface Hub

The Surface Hub is an enterprise product – so it would make sense for it to make an appearance at Microsoft Ignite.

Paul Barr, Principal Program Manager Lead for the Surface Hub team at Microsoft was welcomed to the Microsoft Ignite Studio for a good look at what goes on inside the Surface Hub.

In the video above, we get to see what the Surface Hub is capable of. There are a few interesting facts to learn about it as well. Here’s a few:

  • The Surface Hub runs a custom version of Windows 10 that can only execute UWP apps.
  • Skype has a custom version for Surface Hub.
  • The display supports 120 Hz refresh rate and supports up to 100 touch points.
  • The device goes through a soft-reset every time a user is done working – this includes uninstalling and reinstalling every single app.
  • Surface Hub will only execute code signed by the Surface Hub team – even stricter than the Microsoft certification.
  • The device is treated as an appliance – BIOS, drivers, firmware, OS, and Apps are updated together as a single package, instead of being separated like on a PC.

The video is 19 minutes long, so there’s plenty more we learn about Surface Hub in the full video. Perhaps we can make a fair comparison with InFocus’s cheaper offerings after having a looking at the Hub.

We might also be getting a Surface All-In-One sometime in October, so if that’s even remotely similar to the Surface Hub – it’d be good to know what Surface Hub is capable of.

Barr also mentioned that the Anniversary Update would be coming to the Surface Hub in the next couple of weeks.

Microsoft Mechanics will also be doing a whole series about the Surface Hub with Paul Barr, so if you want to know more about the Hub, be sure to keep an eye for that.

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