Microsoft shows off the new Defender Security Centre with a video

The Windows Defender is getting a revamp; Microsoft has been busy at work re-building the Defender with the new UWP framework. Windows 10 has a lot of improvements, but the Windows Defender has so far sported the same old Windows 7 look; this will change with the Creators Update.

The Creators Update is revamping the Defender; Microsoft took it as a good opportunity to add new features and turn Defender into a hub for the overall health of the PC.

The Centre

The new Defender Security Hub has been available to the Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring for the past few weeks; Microsoft’s video, however, gives us a comprehensive look at everything the new experience has on offer.

The Windows team has split the hub into five sections – or pillars, as they call them; each section offers some unique bit of information, but every section is concerned about overall health of the system.

Virus and Threat Protection: The first – and most important – section continues to be what Defender has always been about; this section details the status of the antivirus protection – whether its Defender or a 3rd-party antivirus.

If Windows Defender is protecting the system, this section will also hold the scan results and threat history. If a 3rd party antivirus is protecting the system, a link to open that particular antivirus will be presented instead.

Device Performance and Health: This section brings together all the information relevant to a PC’s performance and health, as the name suggests. The section displays the status of Windows Update, highlights any outdated drivers, shows the battery life, and gives a clear of the storage capacity.

The ‘Refresh Windows’ feature also finds a place in this section; the feature isn’t new, but its presence in Windows Defender is.

Firewall & Network Protection: The Windows Firewall plays a significant role in maintaining a system’s security. It’s not the greatest firewall by any stretch, but it gets the job (somewhat) done.

This specific section will provide a summary of the network connections and the active firewall settings. Additionally, there are some links for network troubleshooting as well.

App & Browser Control: Windows SmartScreen is an incredible feature, but there is a certain lack of control over it. This section is specifically designed to mitigate that; here, we have the ability to adjust settings for SmartScreen for apps as well as browsers.

Family Options: Finally, the last of the sections; the Family Options section seems to be nothing but links to various family options available online. It’s also possible to view the health and safety information of the family’s devices from this section.


The new Defender Security Hub is already available to try out in the latest Insider Fast Ring builds.

If you would rather wait for Microsoft to finish the new experience; the new hub is expected to arrive with the upcoming Creators Update in April.

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