Microsoft showcases what the Surface Dial is capable of (again)

At its Surface event in October last year, Microsoft blew everyone away with the Surface Studio all-in-one. But, there was something else on the sidelines, that was even more interesting. The Surface Dial.

The Surface Dial is a $99 accessory for any computer that can support it – pretty much like a mouse of keyboard. In fact, it’s exactly like that, as it is just another input device, but a unique one.

Here’s the most interesting bit: the Dial, while it was launched with the Surface Studio, also works with other Surface devices like the Surface Book and Surface Pro.

Of course, we covered the Dial in its entirety during its launch – you can read more about that here – but there are still a few who do not quite understand the purpose of Dial.

Microsoft released a whole bunch of videos in November to demo what the Dial was capable of, but that wasn’t enough.

The Video

Today, Windows Blog Editor-in-Chief Mollie Ruiz-Harper hosted a video highlighting and explaining everything about Microsoft’s new accessory.

The video showcases some of the coolest features of the Surface Dial and highlights what it’s all about.

As mentioned, Microsoft has done something similar before; those videos, however, were focused on highlighting app-specific features. This time around, it’s specifically about Surface Dial and its capabilities.


Microsoft’s Surface Dial is available for a price of $99.99. Whilst Microsoft bundled the accessory with initial preorders of the Surface Studio; new orders do not come with it.

The $100 price tag might seem quite high, but it is a first-of-its-kind accessory.

Interestingly, Dell made a similar puck for its Canvas touch display. Dell’s alternative relies on the same APIs as the Surface Dial – in fact, it’s possible to use the Surface Dial on a Dell Canvas. Microsoft’s innovative ideas have clearly inspired Microsoft’s OEMs. That’s precisely the goal of Microsoft’s Surface brand.

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