Microsoft showcases how its IoT solutions help the Indian manufacturing businesses

At an event in New Delhi today, Microsoft showcased three different IoT solutions developed using its Azure cloud and other IoT services that are helping Indian manufacturing businesses ‘transform’ into something smarter and more efficient.

The era of manufacturing we are in today is often called the fourth industrial revolution – that’s for a reason; the ideas and capabilities that smaller and cheaper computers have brought us can have an immense impact on the old-school manufacturing business.

Three Indian companies – Precimetrix, Teramatrix, and Covacsis – have developed solutions that put Microsoft’s Azure cloud and IoT services at the core; these three companies have solutions helping some of the biggest names in Indian manufacturing – folks like Hero Moto Corp, Samudra LED, KEC, VE Commercial Vehicles, Godrej, TAFE, Bajaj, and more.

Teramatrix, for example, helped Hero Motor Corp – the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers – maintain its high-quality standards while saving costs, by connecting the existing automated component testing procedure at the manufacturing facility to its xFusionIoT platform.

The xFusionIoT platform automatically collects quality and defect logs from each component – even ones made by different vendors – and stores it in Microsoft’s Azure cloud; this data is then analyzed in real-time to find patterns and generate insights that the manufacturing team can act upon.

The automated system can notify the manufacturing team about potential defects in advance – therefore, proactively keeping the production line functioning 24×7.

The real world impact

These solutions don’t just help on the production line – they also make seemingly simple things such as street lights smarter.

With the solution developed by Precimetrix using Microsoft’s Azure cloud for Samudra LED, the city of Jaipur has been able to automate over 100,000 of the street lights in the city.

You can read more about that here, but the point is – these solutions are not just helping companies save cost, but are also reducing the impact our species have on the environment around us.

Internet of Things

The amount of information that can be extrapolated out of simple statistics is mind-boggling – it’s why behemoths like Google and Microsoft collect all the seemingly unconnected data from their users, albeit with privacy concerns.

The privacy is of no concern at a factory floor; the resources these solutions save by analyzing and extrapolating information out of statistics not only help the companies save money but also make the manufacturing facilities more efficient and reduce their impact on the environment around them.

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