Microsoft to ship Mixed Reality dev kits soon, Xbox One & Project Scorpio receiving support in 2018

Microsoft at GDC has announced that the first Windows Mixed Reality dev kits will start shipping in the months to follow. This new device that developers can soon get their hands on is the ‘Acer Windows Mixed Reality Development Edition’ headset.

Earlier this year, Microsft announced the initiative to giveaway dev kits to attending developers at GDC.

It looks like the company had to delay these plans by a bit, as instead of the headset, the developers at GDC received a “golden ticket” that effectively guarantees them to receive the new Acer Windows Mixed Reality Development Edition headsets in the months following the conference.

Note that Windows Mixed Reality is now the new name for Microsoft’s Windows Holographic platform. The decision is warranted, as their Mixed Reality environment encompasses far more devices than the old Microsoft HoloLense platform.

The Acer Mixed Reality dev kit uses inside-out tracking mechanisms that remove the requirement of external sensors or tracking cameras. Moreover, the headset has high-resolution 1440 by 1440 LCD displays per eye with 90hz refresh rates.

A 3.5mm jack provides the audio and microphone support along with two cables for connecting to Windows 10 machines. Namely the HDMI 2.0 cable for the display and a USB 3.0 cable for carrying data.

Microsoft Mixed Reality coming to Project Scorpio and Xbox One

However, the big news from the conference is Microsoft’s plans to extend their Mixed Reality program to their Xbox platform; revealing that the upcoming AMD-powered Microsoft console – Project Scorpio – will receive Mixed Reality support sometime in 2018.

This could be Microsoft’s answer to the somewhat successful PlayStationVR that Sony released for the PS4 Pro last year, implying that Microsoft may allow upcoming Windows 10 headsets to work with a console or even develop a new Xbox headset.

To get more information about this announcement we have to tune in for Microsoft’s E3 presentation in May. That’s where the Redmond giant will unveil the new Xbox Console along with, we hope, more information about the Mixed Reality platform.

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