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Microsoft Rewards offers special rewards for Star Trek

The Microsoft Rewards program started very recently – now it seems Microsoft is going to make the full use of the opportunities they have created for themselves.

Microsoft wants to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek – that’s why there is a tiny George Takei in the new Actiongram open beta – but this time they are offering something a little more.

Microsoft Rewards for Star Trek

Microsoft is giving special rewards to those who purchase select Star Trek movies or TV shows from the Windows Store – the selection starts from all the way back – the original Star Trek – to now, the upcoming Star Trek Beyond.

For starters – Microsoft is willing to gift 500 reward points to those who rent a Star Trek movie, 3000 reward points to those who purchase a Star Trek movie, and 4000 reward points for those who purchase a complete TV season.

You can then redeem these reward points for various things – you could simply get additional discounts for future purchases at the Windows Store or simply donate the points to a charity – where Microsoft would be paying the actual money for you.

The offer is only valid if you are in the US and only for a limited time. It also doesn’t include Star Trek games or music.

Recently, Microsoft started rewarding users for browsing the web with Edge and setting their default search engine as Bing – this promotion just shows the lengths Microsoft is willing to take the Rewards program to. It will be interesting to see if promotions like this make an impact on sales or not.


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