Microsoft reveals new Xbox One Controllers and a special edition headset

Microsoft announced the Xbox One S at E3 earlier this year. With the new console, Microsoft also updated the controllers with a few refinements and more importantly – Bluetooth support. Today, Microsoft has announced two new designs for the controller and a new bundle for the PC gamers who enjoy using the Xbox One controller along with a new and updated Xbox Stereo headset.

Xbox One S controllers

The new controller designs

Microsoft will now be making the new Xbox One S controller in two new designs – a bright blue one that apparently is a fan-favorite from the Xbox Design Lab, and the 2nd design is the Dawn Shadow Special Edition – it starts as a metallic magenta and fades into a matte black finish.

The standard Xbox One S controller will be available in black as well – rather than just the white it was initially launched with.

The Dawn Shadow Special Edition controller does cost a bit higher. It will be available from October 4 for the price of 69.99$. While the Xbox Design Lab fan-favorite blue one will cost 64.99$ and be available from September 27. The new black controller will be available from September as well.

If you want you can obviously go ahead and design a completely custom controller for yourself – it will cost up to 90$ though.

The new PC controller bundle

Microsoft will be updating the Xbox One S controller bundle for PC – now it will come with an Xbox Wireless adapter or a USB charging cable. These bundles come with the new Xbox One S black controller as well – not the white one.

The new bundles are going to launch in October. Starting at 59.99$.

The special edition headset

Besides the new controllers, Microsoft has also announced a new special edition Xbox Stereo Headset. It comes in plain white – just like the Xbox One S console that was announced at E3. It will be available in “late October” for the price of 64.99$

This is a good day for gamers who want their gaming gear to look fancy while being functional. Microsoft also announced a bunch of new Xbox One S bundles today as well.


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